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Energy Independence

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Charging an Electric Car

When it involves Energy Independence like EV Chargers, Solar, and Home Battery Backup, the largest parking garage companies and car dealers trust JAXSL.

And now we are delivering the same white glove service to the homeowner.

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The Company

JAXSL is an energy independence company providing white glove management and installation of energy independence initiatives for the home and business. JAXSL is not a third party provider.  We have spent the last 12 years honing our expertise by focusing on energy efficiency and energy independence solutions like LED Lighting, Solar, EV Charging and Home Battery Backup. We send our people to your home. And by virtue of this effort, we are ready to serve our customers directly and guide them through a wild west of information and confusion. We have orchestrated this so when you are thinking energy independence, you are thinking and trusting JAXSL.


The Charger

JAXSL has been supplying and installing EV Chargers for many years. Our solution utilizes the highest-rated chargers in the industry that allow homeowners to control the charger remotely and utilizes your existing electrical system. That means we protect you from the upsell. This is how we separate ourselves and demonstrate to the home or business owner that JAXSL is unique, talented and accountable. 

So, if you are thinking energy independence ... think JAXSL.

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JAXSL offers the homeowner peace of mind from choosing the right EV charger to knowing the installation will be professional, on time, and warrantied for 3 years.

This unlimited warranty is unique and significant because JAXSL is committing to you.

The world is going energy independent and JAXSL knows the way.


We do installations in both Residential & Commercial

Residential EV Charger
Commercial EV Charger
Charging Station

What makes us different?

JAXSL’s team includes expert level professionals each with over 35 years of experience in the electrical trade. From large scale commercial to white glove residential our electrical services team provides best in class energy consulting, implementation and independence.

Our client list includes the largest parking companies in the world, and we have been consulting and installing EV Chargers for over 7 years. Currently, our commercial division is managing the infrastructure improvements necessary to roll out hundreds of charging stations for the tri-state area.


Our Clients

Electric Car

 We are a full service
provider of EV Charging Solutions 


We supply the charger

We install the charger

We service the charger

We warranty the charger

We guarantee the Solution

For up to 3 Years!

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Privacy Policy: We do not sell emails or phone numbers.

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